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About Design & Interfaces / Student Premium Member S-Kinnaly19/Female/Unknown Groups :iconakatsuki-revalution: Akatsuki-Revalution
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Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
My last username was Animefreak00910. I am currently studying illustration and near the end of my college. I'd be happy to do concept art, storyboard, character designs, creature designs, illustration and so forth. I have experience with 3d software. I am eager to learn. I love to work with people.


Colorful Covers
The prisoner by S-Kinnaly
This is for book covers and such. It would take some time if you want it to be colored. Please send me a private message to discuss about your commission before you purchase, thank you. 
Full Body Greyscale
Thane Krios Human by S-Kinnaly
Human Garrus Vakarian by S-Kinnaly
These are full body greyscale, human or close to human. Depends, if the design you want is complex is going to take me a while. The theme could be either futuristic, mystical or modern. Nothing too complex please. If you would like to add one more character into it, you must pay another 2800

Please send me a private message to discuss about your commission before you purchase, thank you. 


9 hours ago
:icons-kinnaly:S-Kinnaly has changed their username (formerly AnimeFreak00910)
Thane Krios Human by S-Kinnaly
Thane Krios Human
Hi people, yesterday I was just doodling my own business when suddenly I ended up drawing a human Thane Krios. His whole design is complex, but I love his costume. Didn't realize how nice they were until I tried to draw them. 

I'm more active on Tumblr right now than here, so if you guys want to follow me just find me in tumblr under the same username. :3
Male Inquisitors by S-Kinnaly
Male Inquisitors
So far I made these characters in the game, although I did restart a lot for my elf. Seriously, what happened to them? I mean, I don't mind if they were really slender so they would be different, that's all right. In fact it's enlightening. But not to the point where it really really discourages me to continue playing because I would catch my elf's arms shrinking into the body like he's being crushed by some unknown universal power. 

And the shoulders are just too narrow, and the elves are supposed to be hunters, right? So logically they should have some meat on them because if the elves were from the slums, I would understand, but hunters...That just boggles me. 

Phew, need to get that out of my chest.

What are your thoughts of the elves? Did you manage to make your elf without getting bothered by the arms? or the narrow shoulders.
Ok, after a while of calming down from the recent event, I'm okay now. Now I feel better and thank you for those who supported. Though I think we went a bit too far with the issue. Insulting the admin isn't going to really help the situation but I think everyone went a bit crazy. I'm just glad it's taken down now. But there was no need to insult or threaten the admin. 

I agreed with her that the anatomy is shit, I told her I done that page when I was 15 years old, that's when I started the comic. I don't like to spread hate because it will become too bothersome and we have better things to do in our lives. 

I really hate to argue, I really do. It frustrates me. I'll listen to critics if they have a good reason. But if they don't well...I just send them a bit of frustrated personal letter to ask them nicely to put it down or give me reasons why they posted it there in the first place...without my consent. 

I know this is the internet and I can't stop people from doing something like this, but it upsets me every single time I see one of my artworks posted somewhere else without my consent. As I'm sure other artists are. If it's for personal use like a wallpaper or profile pic or something like that is fine, just as long as you give credit. 

And yes I agree with :iconoflittlemistakes: from her recent comment on my last journal, please don't spread the hate. Reason with them. Insulting won't get you anywhere but even more complicated situations, with just more frustrations and stresses.

And again, thank you all for your support and for cheering me up. Don't worry, I don't intend to stop the comic. I already have a grand plot plan for all of you, just need to wait a big longer. :) 




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hi may i ask something 
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i know your busy and all but what do you think about naruto the last movie
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I haven't even watched it yet. TT_TT
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masseffectluver25 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Student Writer
Can you continue the hawke and arishock fight PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just thought I would drop a comment and let you know that your art is fantastic, and despite the busy-bee that college forces people to be, I hope that you are able to keep up the fantastic and amazing artwork. Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use) 
MissTemari93 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Student Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much for joining :iconzombiecombofans:! Hope you have a great time int he group! Keepup your awesome work! :D
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